F*cking Ridiculous Papers



Gather around, kids, because we have the juice on a celebrity couple that had a fight TODAY!

He is a musician. She is from a musical family, but is better known as a reality star. Actually, they are both from musical families. We’ve told you before that their marriage is rocky.

They were in an amusement park gift shop with their children. She was annoyed that he was on his phone.

He was texting. She snapped at him and said “Can you just not text her? Tell her to give it up! I WILL NOT sign those papers! THIS IS F*CKING RIDICULOUS!”

She reached out to grab his hand (or his phone?) and he pushed her away and put it in his pocket. He was p*ssed. He shook his head and walked away.

She walked over to one of the kids and asked them if they were hungry. He walked over to another kid who was looking at stuffed animals. It’s like they both just went into parenting mode and ignored each other. He was completely miserable. Actually, they were both completely miserable.

Fighting about another woman and signing papers? It’s little things like this that make this couple so interesting to us!

Throw The Book At Him


This temperamental actor is mad at everybody!

Our handsome, over-50 TV and film star – who is used to being the boss – wrote a book. It was supposed to be factual and auto-biographical in nature.

However, as soon as others challenged the “facts” contained within the book, he lashed out like a big baby and and started blaming everyone else… including the publisher!

This is bullsh*t. The publisher doesn’t add or change stories. The publisher doesn’t add or change facts or dates. This is all his work. After he submitted the initial manuscript, he received a full copy of the book during copy editing, proof reading, revisions, and final corrections. If there were any modifications of corrections to be made, he had plenty of opportunity to make them. This is all on him.

Harem Credit


We’ve talked before about this wealthy music man and his harem. Why would he ever get married when he can have a bevy of girls at his beck and call?

Well, there’s one interesting former member of thisillustrious group who kept her participation a secret for years!

It’s that singer who is going through a bad breakup right now. That’s right. The very same one who is now crediting Music Man for “saving” her from her bad relationship!

Supposedly, her husband knew about the relationship, so it will be interesting to see if he uses that knowledge as ammunition in the months ahead.

A Taxing Situation


This actor hit it big after he landed a role in a profitable franchise.

During the lean years, though, he forgot something: To pay his taxes!

He didn’t have a lot of money, so he simply skipped filing for a few years. He’s very worried that his failure to file will catch up to him and he’ll wind up in jail for tax fraud!

We don’t know if the IRS sends people to jail for failing to file/pay their taxes. If they do, it would certainly interfere with his busy filming schedule!

BG Note: A gentle reminder that Tax Day is Tuesday, April 18 2017. 

Smiles And Welcome Mats


On the surface, the stars of this popular daytime TV show are all smiles and welcome mats. They just can’t wait until that big star joins their happy family!


Oh, hell no! The men all seem to think that their jobs are safe, but it’s a full-on panic around here amongst the women. Every single one of them thinks that she is here to replace them!

They know the network is lying to them. There’s no way they are paying her all that money to leave everybody else exactly where they are while they put their big star in some crappy time slot or give her a minor role. She’s definitely been hired to replace one or more people.

Nobody really wants to leave, but they know that this is like a sick game of musical chairs, and nobody wants to be the one left without a seat and without a job when the music stops. That’s why everybody is on their best behavior on the surface and pretending they are happy about her joining the show. They think that if they act like a team player, they won’t get canned. They are wrong.

She Can Finally Stop Pining For Mega


There are FIVE celebrities in this blind item, so put on your thinking caps!

We had to laugh when we saw this couple together at Coachella. Leading Actor and Dark-Haired Actress were all over each other.

What’s the story with them?

Well, a couple of years ago, Dark-Haired Actress was actually slated to be the new beard for that thrice-married Mega Movie Star. That fell through… but now she has Leading Actor!

Leading Actor is very handsome, but all of his girlfriends last one or two years. That’s it.

Why is that? Well, do you remember when Leading Actor dated that Conniving Actress a few years ago? They lasted less than two years.

Conniving Actress went on to date – and break up with – Famous Athlete. We talked about them a lot. Think about the arrangement they had.

Now you’re getting the gist of it!

Dating Leading Actor is a bit of a step down in the faux-dating game for Dark-Haired Actress… but at least she can finally stop pining for that Mega Movie Star who got away!

Wait a minute. We just realized that Mega Movie Star and Conniving Actress are both single and looking. Now THAT would be an awesome pairing!

Smear The Girl


There’s an interesting little information campaign going on that’s making a bad situation even worse.

This married athlete is accused of getting a girl pregnant.

Of course he shouldn’t be going around having extra marital relations with anybody. But put the athlete aside for a second.

The allegedly pregnant girl has been characterized by a profession that conjures up words like “sleazy” and “opportunistic” and “desperate” and “gold-digger.”

However, she also might actually have a master’s degree from a reputable university and work on the management team of an elementary school. She doesn’t work in the city nor in the profession that is being ascribed to her.

Strange, right?

Now, this could be two different women who just happen to have the same name and appearance who live in two different cities and lead very different lives.

Or this could be one woman simultaneously living in two wildly different worlds.

Or… this could be the wife of the athlete telling tales to smear the girl and to make her husband look as bad as possible!

When it’s time for the divorce, people will remember the rumor, not the truth. She’s going after him hard. She doesn’t give a f*ck about the reputation of the girl.

They Would Be Happy If She Shut Up


She’s at it again. Despite being asked to stop, she won’t shut up about her “ex”!

Most celebrities in fake relationships have the good sense to simply stop talking about the fake relationship after a while, as they or the other person will have usually moved on to other relationships, and talking about the old one would simply be tacky and awkward.

Not this actress!

She and her “ex” were on an upbeat television show together for a few years. They were a couple on the show and a fake couple off the show. And, despite being asked, she won’t shut up about it!

His real friends asked her to stop talking about him. That know the relationship was fake and it annoys the sh*t out of them that years later she is still pretending that it was real to bring attention to herself and to make money. They told her that if she doesn’t stop using him, they are going to expose the fake relationship.

There is a problem with their threat, though: She knows that they won’t follow through!

She knows that if they made some some sort of statement about how the couple was set up as boyfriend/girlfriend as a publicity stunt to compliment their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship on the show, it would backfire. Everybody would know that HE was a fake and a liar, too!

Since telling the truth would actually make him look bad, it’s doubtful that his friends will follow through on their threat. It looks like she’s in the clear. She is going to continue to use him to bring attention to herself and sell her products.


What Happened To Goofy


This young, award-winning film actress used to be in the media all the time. She was fun to watch because she was just so happy-go-lucky. And a little bit goofy. She just seemed to enjoy living her life.

She’s been quiet lately.

Coincidentally, ever since she’s been dating that guy. You know, that older industry guy who loves to knock up actresses?

He has total control over her life now. What projects she takes, what interviews she does, who she hangs out with. He wants her to be mature and serious. He’s very, very controlling.

Why is she allowing that? Does she think that because he is older, he is automatically wiser?

Whatever you do, girl, don’t let him get you knocked up!

Bigger Hump Bigger Bump


If a camel was to wear a prosthetic to make it look like he had a bigger hump, would that be cheating?

If a celebrity was to wear a prosthetic to make it look like she had a bigger bump, would that be cheating?

Yes, her husband knows, and he’s cool with that.