Toothbrush Babble


A random model ran into this famous young man who has starred in several expensive movies. She asked him what he’s been doing lately.

He said that he didn’t have a profession in the macro traditional sense and that he was merely a vessel for artistic creation. Then he started giving examples, like he’s an artist when he consciously wears two different sneakers, and he’s an artist if he uses his foot to brush his teeth, and he’s an artist if he just thinks about how he can change the micro physicist dynamic whatever of non-conformist human interaction.

I didn’t know what the eff he was talking about. I tried to be polite and smile but he was staring at me very intensely which made me uncomfortable. He obviously thought that what he was saying was very intelligent, but to me it was just a lot of babbling and none of it made sense.

His parents must be so proud of their artistic boy genius!