The Young Pop Star


If you’ve ever worked at a large concert venue, you may have witnessed behavior that the audience and fans never get to see.

This young pop star left a bad impression with some of the crew who were backstage at one of his performances last year.

He was really miserable and douchey to the venue staff. Whatever. But check this out: During rehearsal, he was lip synching his songs to backing vocals. We didn’t think too much of it at the time, since some singers like to focus on their dance moves or save their voice for the performance. Plus he was talking fine, so it’s not like he was having a problem with his voice or anything.

But then, at the concert, he still LIP SYNCHED TO EVERY SONG! We were surprised. Seriously, he did not sing even ONE song live. The fans were screaming so much that they probably didn’t even notice, but we did!

We weep little angel tears for the happy performer he used to be.