The Gushing Minion


When this successful pop star first started out, she reminded people of this older and well-established pop star.

Older Pop Star found the comparison amusing. She even supported Younger Pop Star by attending one of her concerts.

Well, eventually Older decided that Younger was imitating her a little TOO much!

Older not only stopped supporting Younger… but the two started feuding! Mostly petty stuff, but it’s clear that the two don’t like each other.

Younger recently walked into a room where some of her minions were watching a some sort of video on the internet.

No, it wasn’t a performance by Older.

It was some sort of performance by Older’s DAUGHTER.

One of the the minions – who had worked for Younger for a couple of years – started gushing about how talented Daughter was and how it looked like Daughter would follow in Older’s footsteps and have a big career.

Uh oh.

Younger ordered the minion to turn off the video and for everyone to get back to work.

A couple of days later, in a short phone call, the gushing minion was fired.