The End With A Twist


These two celebrities are a very established couple. They are each famous in their own right and have been together for more than ten years.

The end is coming… but with a twist!

Usually each party tries to be the first one to announce to make it look like they have the upper hand and are dumping the other person for a good reason.

He is now telling her that he wants HER to announce first!

I think his plan is to act shocked and play the victim like he never saw this coming. He is going to leak some stories around the same time that make it seem like she is the one who has moved on and he is the one who is left heartbroken. He can’t say that she is cheating (because I don’t think she is), but he will let people draw their own conclusions as to why she is moving on. For some reason, he wants the coverage of the breakup to be very sympathetic to him.

So they both know that the relationship is over. They are just planning on how to stage the breakup. It will be interesting to see who is the better actor here!