His Rules For Dating Success


This grown up actor has succeeded in both films and TV.

You would not describe him as an acting genius, or a hunk, or a superstar, but he has this interesting, sarcastic sense of humor that has kept him working steadily in comedic productions for more than twenty years.

He also does incredibly well with the ladies. He has dated many famous and gorgeous women.

What’s his secret? He plays by his own rules!

He says that women like him because he’s not just a good talker. He’s a good listener. He makes them feel good about themselves. He says that everyone else in Hollywood is always trying to change them or control them. He just validates them and they like that.

By the way, he’s littler than he says. He says he’s 5’7″ but I’ve stood next to him and he’s more like 5’5″. His d*ck is actually a normal size, but because he’s so little, it looks huge. He knows how to use it, too. Guess that helps.

Alrighty, then.