Creepy Name Game


When you join a new group, it’s smart to try to assimilate with your new team mates.

This guy may have crossed the line.

He joined a new professional sports team. The big star athlete on the team has a famous wife. She has an uncommon name. If you just mentioned her first name, everyone would know who you were talking about. Like Mariah. Or Oprah.

Anyway, the new team mate really wants the big star athlete on the team to like him. right after he joined the team, he named his new baby the same uncommon name as the star’s famous wife. We don’t know if the two events are related… but the Star and his wife sure seem to think so!

They’re not flattered. They think it’s a little creepy. Dude is just trying too hard. Did he think this will make them like him? But what are they supposed to do? Tell him to change his baby’s name? They can’t do that.