The End With A Twist



These two celebrities are a very established couple. They are each famous in their own right and have been together for more than ten years.

The end is coming… but with a twist!

Usually each party tries to be the first one to announce to make it look like they have the upper hand and are dumping the other person for a good reason.

He is now telling her that he wants HER to announce first!

I think his plan is to act shocked and play the victim like he never saw this coming. He is going to leak some stories around the same time that make it seem like she is the one who has moved on and he is the one who is left heartbroken. He can’t say that she is cheating (because I don’t think she is), but he will let people draw their own conclusions as to why she is moving on. For some reason, he wants the coverage of the breakup to be very sympathetic to him.

So they both know that the relationship is over. They are just planning on how to stage the breakup. It will be interesting to see who is the better actor here!

Actor Stole From Drama Queen


Which TV and stage drama queen has called in the cops after finding out her showbiz mate has been ripping her off for months to the tune of thousands of pounds?

The sneaky fraudster (himself a fellow thesp) nabbed a photo of her bank card and used the details to fund dozens of online purchases before the absent-minded actor finally clocked what was happening.

Toothbrush Babble


A random model ran into this famous young man who has starred in several expensive movies. She asked him what he’s been doing lately.

He said that he didn’t have a profession in the macro traditional sense and that he was merely a vessel for artistic creation. Then he started giving examples, like he’s an artist when he consciously wears two different sneakers, and he’s an artist if he uses his foot to brush his teeth, and he’s an artist if he just thinks about how he can change the micro physicist dynamic whatever of non-conformist human interaction.

I didn’t know what the eff he was talking about. I tried to be polite and smile but he was staring at me very intensely which made me uncomfortable. He obviously thought that what he was saying was very intelligent, but to me it was just a lot of babbling and none of it made sense.

His parents must be so proud of their artistic boy genius!

Creepy Name Game


When you join a new group, it’s smart to try to assimilate with your new team mates.

This guy may have crossed the line.

He joined a new professional sports team. The big star athlete on the team has a famous wife. She has an uncommon name. If you just mentioned her first name, everyone would know who you were talking about. Like Mariah. Or Oprah.

Anyway, the new team mate really wants the big star athlete on the team to like him. right after he joined the team, he named his new baby the same uncommon name as the star’s famous wife. We don’t know if the two events are related… but the Star and his wife sure seem to think so!

They’re not flattered. They think it’s a little creepy. Dude is just trying too hard. Did he think this will make them like him? But what are they supposed to do? Tell him to change his baby’s name? They can’t do that.

The Two Train Wrecks


Folks in Hollywood are buzzing about the casting of these two actors as the leads in a film.

He is the son of two excellent American actors and battled a severe drug add*ction for years. His father cast him in one of his own movies to get the ball rolling and prove to other directors that he could work. He is supposedly clean right now.

She has a unique look and a unique name. She has been involved in multiple scandals that usually involved boozing or taking her clothes off. She is most famous as one of the stars of a past V series that took place on the East Coast. She was fired from that job.

This film has the potential to be a huge train wreck if they can’t keep these two sober for the duration of production! There has to be a contract clause for regular testing. The insurance is going to be crazy.

Good luck to everyone involved!

The Gushing Minion


When this successful pop star first started out, she reminded people of this older and well-established pop star.

Older Pop Star found the comparison amusing. She even supported Younger Pop Star by attending one of her concerts.

Well, eventually Older decided that Younger was imitating her a little TOO much!

Older not only stopped supporting Younger… but the two started feuding! Mostly petty stuff, but it’s clear that the two don’t like each other.

Younger recently walked into a room where some of her minions were watching a some sort of video on the internet.

No, it wasn’t a performance by Older.

It was some sort of performance by Older’s DAUGHTER.

One of the the minions – who had worked for Younger for a couple of years – started gushing about how talented Daughter was and how it looked like Daughter would follow in Older’s footsteps and have a big career.

Uh oh.

Younger ordered the minion to turn off the video and for everyone to get back to work.

A couple of days later, in a short phone call, the gushing minion was fired.

Not Always So Innocent


When she was questioned about her television actor husband spending the day with a real life political figure, the actors’ wife laughed about it in public.

She’s not laughing so hard in private!

That was just a day out with the kids (he brought his daughter) so that one was probably innocent, but I happen to know that he is not always so innocent! [Actor] has been cheating on her for years with costars and extras and god knows who else. She’s in the business, too, so she knows the score. They sometimes fight about it, but she will never leave him. By the way, no, they do not have an open marriage!

A Double Win For Mom


We told you inthe past that this famous family wants one of the kids to come outof the closet so they can use it for a story line.

We also told you that they have been actively trying to ingratiate themselves with famous and vulnerable young women outside their own family to boost their stable of talent.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if both of these things happened at once?

Well, Mom is working on it! And nobody will even have to go to France to make it a reality.

The parties have agreed in principal. It’s now just a question of getting the numbers to work.

And then we can all get tattoos to celebrate!

His Rules For Dating Success


This grown up actor has succeeded in both films and TV.

You would not describe him as an acting genius, or a hunk, or a superstar, but he has this interesting, sarcastic sense of humor that has kept him working steadily in comedic productions for more than twenty years.

He also does incredibly well with the ladies. He has dated many famous and gorgeous women.

What’s his secret? He plays by his own rules!

He says that women like him because he’s not just a good talker. He’s a good listener. He makes them feel good about themselves. He says that everyone else in Hollywood is always trying to change them or control them. He just validates them and they like that.

By the way, he’s littler than he says. He says he’s 5’7″ but I’ve stood next to him and he’s more like 5’5″. His d*ck is actually a normal size, but because he’s so little, it looks huge. He knows how to use it, too. Guess that helps.

Alrighty, then.

The Young Pop Star


If you’ve ever worked at a large concert venue, you may have witnessed behavior that the audience and fans never get to see.

This young pop star left a bad impression with some of the crew who were backstage at one of his performances last year.

He was really miserable and douchey to the venue staff. Whatever. But check this out: During rehearsal, he was lip synching his songs to backing vocals. We didn’t think too much of it at the time, since some singers like to focus on their dance moves or save their voice for the performance. Plus he was talking fine, so it’s not like he was having a problem with his voice or anything.

But then, at the concert, he still LIP SYNCHED TO EVERY SONG! We were surprised. Seriously, he did not sing even ONE song live. The fans were screaming so much that they probably didn’t even notice, but we did!

We weep little angel tears for the happy performer he used to be.